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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Mitt Romney Just Blew ANY Chance Of Winning The Election

The recent revelation regarding what Romney thinks about roughly half of the population of America (here) makes it apparent that he really does not want to win this election. After all, were he to win he would have to take accountability for the mess the economy is in. He would have to justify his statements that show he believes half of Americans are indolent and expect something for nothing.Link
The media has also commented on this and the general consensus is that this HAS cost him the election... here.

The video is here:

One major thing he is missing is that the social care programs are funded by the American people through deductions from their wages in the form of taxation. Most people who are unemployed have no alternative but to rely on social programs. It is after all what they are entitled to do. Any retiree who is faced with crippling medical bills or who has been made bankrupt due to medical fees has not done this deliberately. The MAJORITY of people who receive some form of social assistance would rather not have this. They would rather be in a position where they can pay their way and not be reliant upon government handouts.

It is clear that, regardless of their political affiliation, Romney has a complete disdain for anyone who is 'poor' or dependent upon government assistance. How on earth can someone claiming to want to represent the people now continue in the election campaign? He should stand down as it is clear he does not intend to represent anyone but the rich. It is a moral and social disgrace.

When you come to place your vote remember this. Vote for anyone else but this man. Remember also that the people who sat there and listened to him paid $50,000 each to listen to him.

One other relevant issue. Did you note how he presented himself in the video? Does this man sound Presidential to you? Our cat could make a better presentation...

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