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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Good Grief - Klout

For those of you who are unaware of this 'service' there is Klout. Rather than dwell too deeply on what it does (purportedly), it is important to note that there are some company HR departments who are using this to determine whether someone gets promoted or employed here. This is disturbing. Rather than employ someone for their ability, they are employed for their 'likeability' or 'Real World Influence'. It is very shallow and childish where you are allowed to 'play' on the basis of your popularity on social networking sites. Yes, I know that people make personal judgments about others and this influences their choices, but to make an assessment of someone simply because they make tweets or have a Facebook account? Incredibly sad stare of affairs. My clout score would be rather low. Not zero as I have this blog. Regardless, I do not care what mine is, I care that this is such a sad state that human has reached.

And from a recent New Yorker Caption Competition...

... more here. (thanks to RD)...

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