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Monday, August 27, 2012

The Demise Of Microsoft...

... In case you have been sleeping, there will soon be a new copy of Windows appearing. For those of you who use your computers for more than surfing, more than playing Angry Birds, more than anything, more than being a moron... you should be alarmed. Windows 8 will soon come as a default installation when you buy a new PC. Put simply, based upon the many scathing reviews there are, I suggest you say "Computer sales type person! Sell me a computer! Sell me one WITHOUT Windows 8". This is what I intend to do on my next purchase.

It would appear M$ are willfully falling on their own sword by the introduction of a system which is clearly intended for smartphone users and not for anyone who actually DOES stuff.

Here are some examples of reviews:

First one: Here.

Second one: Here.

Third one: Here.

Fourth one: Here.

Fifth one: Here.

And I could continue with a rather long list of less than complimentary reviews. Given that I was NOT looking for negative reviews and simply searched for information I was rather astounded that it is difficult to find any review which does not give a thumbs down or a 'It is good but..' sort of review. If I were Microsoft I would be seriously concerned that they have got things completely wrong (again) and have a 'worse than Vista' scenario on their hands. Some of you might want to investigate Linux Mint or other versions of Linux.

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