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Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Initially I thought, "What a great product!"

At first 'The Coffee Brewer' looks like it would be absolutely wonderful. For those who travel (a lot) to destinations where you are not sure whether they will have access to good coffee, this is possibly a very useful item to put in your luggage/backpack (if you are going camping in the wild do you really want to cart around used, soggy, packaging?). For others, why impose yet more packaging upon the world when a small French Press and a pack of coffee will do the same for significantly less AND you will still have the press around afterwards.

Simple math will highlight this.

One 'The Coffeebrewer' costs aobut $3.50' e.g. here. This is for about 25g of coffee!

One small French press (about $20+ or go for the Aeropress), one 12oz (340g) of coffee (price varies but is about $8 or more)

Watch the video:

Grower's Cup from GrowersCup on Vimeo.

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