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Friday, July 27, 2012

Online Media Collections

My father in law (one of the Outlaws) was going to spend $20 on a dongle to provide a series of TV and radio channels to listen to. "Huh?", I said, "Why spend $20 bucks?"... there is a lot of stuff out there...

Here are some suggestions for your listening and viewing pleasure of but a small slice of media collections in multiple formats... as a simple example... the TV channels you would watch with the dongle? ALL of them and more are here... for free... the radio channels??? Here.


Here is just one of MANY radio stations that are free to listen to (or advert sponsored).

The Old Time Radio Show Collection is here.

5,000 radio stations!... here.


Black and White collection... here.

Retrovision TV... here.

TV Channels

You Tube:

This is just a list by typing 'Full Movies'... here.

This is a list of documentaries by typing 'Full Documentaries'... here.

OR... if you are really lazy you just click here. Now you have category choices...

Mixed Media

Movies, books and more... here.

The BBC Archive site... here.

The Internet Archive is a collection of many things that are on the internet... here.

Classical Music Scores... PDFs of virtually everything classical. It also includes selection by instrument (e.g. piano) and the scores can be downloaded and printed (warning !!! Some of these are MANY pages long... here. There is a not so complete one here. If you want a particular type of piano sheet music, simply search for 'free jazz piano sheet music' or whatever music type...

Text and Published Media

Project Gutenburg.... here.

Librivox - Books in the public domain ... here. With audio versions too...


The British Library Sound Archive - There is some fascinating listening here.

Subject Specific...

If you are looking for information re a specific subject of interest you can do a general search for this easily online... e.g. "US Navy History" Provides things like this here. Even You Tube has subject specific channels... here.

Just those few should keep you going for a number of years of watching and listening...

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