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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

One More Reason To Not Eat At McDonalds...

... some of their staff assault you.

Read the alarming story here. McDonalds you should do something about this. In a matter of minutes there were 20 hits to this page... and currently there have been... 26 in total. Not many so far but I will try to update the total occasionally ..../

Like many corporates, McDonalds puts forward a 'we care about our customers' yet invests little to nothing in allowing their customers to PROPERLY interact with them. While there are some logistical reasons why they would do this, what happens when you have a genuine complaint about something? Would you trust the same franchise outlet to deal with the problem? No.

I try to avoid using a product or service where it is difficult and/or impossible to contact the producer or provider. McDonalds is one of them (plus it is one of the products that breaks several of the good eating guide rules - If it comes through a window you should not eat it. If you cannot pronounce or need to look on Wikipedia for a description of an ingredient, you should not eat it. If it comes in a box you should not eat it... etc. Now I can add 'If someone attacks you while you are trying to eat something... you should not eat that something."

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