Saturday, January 14, 2012


While it is very 'pretty', I see "FAIL" written all over this. I mean, what IS the point to this superfluous oddity apart from being able to go "Oh, it is my Dunkfish. Pretty cool, huh?"... A waste of money and excessive consumption... here. It is just a tea/coffee strainer with bits added to it which will get dirty and/or get bits stuck in them... good grief!


Grant Bell said...

Thanks for your comments, I appreciate any feedback. Please give me a minute to defend Dunkfish. One of the reasons for developing Dunkfish is to entice people into drinking tea at a younger age – rather than reaching for a soda. There are many health benefits to tea drinking.
As for the quality, feel free to take a look at the video which explains in more detail on:

Many of the infusers on the market use stamped sheet steel baskets with 1mm holes spaced anywhere from 2mm to 5mm apart. The water flow is not very effective and much of the steeping happens inside the "infuser" and not in the cup. In this case the water inside the infuser reacts with the loose-leaf tea and cools. Since the water flow is restricted the water temp inside the infuser is inconsistent and it takes more agitation to steep effectively. Other options of infusers with the stainless steel mesh work better, but are often too small for loose leaf tea once it expands, so the mesh also gets damaged and quite frankly they are just boring. Dunkfish uses the stainless steel mesh for optimal water flow and has an outer "ribcage" to protect the mesh. The shape is also ovoid so it reaches deeper into the cup, it is also larger than standard ball infusers and more conducive to using the space available in the cup. We have painstakingly design Dunkfish and used the highest quality material so it does not break or degrade and will last a lifetime of use, staying out of landfills!This discussions is on LinkedIn and started by a tea critic;

Thanks - Grant

Guillermo Sureda-Burgos said...

I happen to like the Dunkfish tea infuser quite a bit. Just like the blog's author I find it pretty; and can actually picture myself echoing the: "Oh, it is my Dunkfish. Pretty cool, huh?"either to my colleagues at the coffee break or just to entice my niece into discovering not just the boring benefits of drinking all sorts of infusions, but to have a little fun whilst doing it!

This might indeed be considered trivial, but just what is “excessive consumption“ anyways? Is it spending my time and money researching what is the best phone case out there for my brand new top of the line smartphone that I always carry with me, getting the Blue-ray remastered edition of Star Trek TOS, or a little silicone & steel fish to use once in a while when I feel like getting some emotion besides the flavor and warmth out of my choice tea?

Well I think I'm sure my life could do without any of these in a pinch. My very expensive phone will most likely become obsolete next year. My niece is more into sports – not much chance of her picking up Sci-Fi, although I'm still hopeful. The little Dunkfish tea infuser, well that one she likes, but not the green, blue, red, or orange; she insists on pink! And on top of it she made up a story about how it got into hot water just after being fed...

I guess Dunkfish is about choice, but maybe more about choice on how you do things, even simple everyday things, or rather what the Japanese call a “ritual”. And guess what, food grade silicone and stainless steel last quite a long time, so it's not inconceivable that some point in the future she (might like ST) and whilst warming up some water, tell her own child stories about how a “pretty” little fish jumped into hot water just after being fed some camomile...


Anonymous said...

Guillermo, I loved your reply!


Carmen Sureda