Thursday, May 20, 2010

Facebook - Let's Draw Mohammad

Pakistan is banning Facebook after a group has been set up to depict pictures of Mohammad. Now, I am not a god-botherer but this group and anyone who has joined it are showing complete disrespect for other people's beliefs, their religious intolerance, and most of all their own stupidity.

To those people who are supporting this I say a simple "Get a life". Idiots.



I simply love it when people do not have the cajones to post a comment with their name against it - it displays their clear ignorance, intolerance, and stupidity to reinforce what I highlighted above. I have added two of the comments but left out a couple; the one blocked comment was simply offensive and the person concerned needs to get a basic education in grammar and spelling, for the other I simply do not know what they had been smoking...


Anonymous said...

In 2005-6, Euro newspapers drew the sketches which enraged Muslims. All EU Heads of State defended the freedom of expression. At the same time a Brit historian said somthing like .... well i think that Holocaust had not happened....And he was put in jail for 3 years. So much for the freedom of expression, calling Zionism and Judo-racism as conspiracy theories.

A liberal person in a Muslim society.

Anonymous said...

All muslims are accessories to islamic terror crimes... simply by supporting a 'religion' (cult) that has conquering all the world as its base,.

the cartoon brigade is coming... watch grown men (men?) panic over little drawings.