Sunday, January 17, 2010

Watneys Red Barrel - The Party Seven


You have arrived here looking for information on Watney's Red Barrel. I have REMOVED the posting. In Google ranking this page is consistently number 4 in the world.

Sadly, as part of their 'improving the user experience' with Blogger, Google have forced me to use their new interface. The new interface has a significant number of egregious errors which make it impractical to use. I have raised these issues with Blogger over an extended period but they failed to address them.

Rather than bore you with the details, it is sufficient to say (as most Blogger users will know) that the interface went from being user friendly to a 'mouse click frenzy'. The lack of forethought or consultation with end users of Blogger is apparent. As such I have decided to stop using Blogger and post elsewhere.

IF YOU WANT INFORMATION ON WATNEYS RED BARREL PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT. Include your email address (I will not publish it) and you will be redirected to the new page as soon as I have it set up. For now, my apologies. Do not blame me, blame the people who failed to understand that you should not fix something that is not broken by replacing it with something that is an unusable mess.

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Anonymous said...

Hi there. can you still purchase watneys red barrel party seven and if so do you know where from. Many thanks. Sue