Thursday, July 30, 2009

How To Make Chili Paste


You have arrived here looking for how to make Chili Paste. I have REMOVED the posting. In Google ranking this page is consistently number 2 in the world.

As part of their 'improving the user experience' with Blogger, Google have forced me to use their new interface. The new interface has a significant number of egregious errors which make it impractical to use. I have raised these issues with Blogger over an extended period but they failed to address them.

Rather than bore you with the details, it is sufficient to say (as most Blogger users will know) that the interface went from being user friendly to a 'mouse click frenzy'. The lack of forethought or consultation with end users of Blogger is apparent. As such I have decided to stop using Blogger and post elsewhere.

IF YOU WANT INFORMATION ON HOW TO MAKE CHILI PASTE Go HERE to my new blog. Do not blame me, blame the people who failed to understand that you should not fix something that is not broken by replacing it with something that is an unusable mess.


Leslie Kay said...

Wow, very helpful!

Pepperman said...

Thank you Leslie. I am in the process of some other similar postings (my tabasco sauce experiment is nearing 'fruition' for example..) so keep visiting. Just look for 'chili' in the search.

More Cowbell said...

Wow! Thanks for the good and thorough information.

I'm so glad to see that someone has the sense to warn about working with chilis. I used to teach cooking in a Hotel and Restaurant program and was always careful to warn verbally as well as in print in the course materials. I'm always appalled when cookbook authors offer recipes using hot chilis and don't even warn about washing your hands, much less wearing gloves or, as you do, a plastic bag with a band.

Anyway ;) this info was just what I was looking for. Glad I found it because I was thinking it involved an oil base! Couldn't have been more wrong.
Thanks again!